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Monday, August 10, 2009

Jesus saves. over and over again

I can't really tell you the scripture this comes from, but I am convinced that Jesus doesn't just save sinners.

He saves me, every day, every moment. Each time I turn to Him when I feel small, or petty, or discouraged, or angry. He saves me from that and sends me in another direction.

Right now I'm in one of those places in my life where I can fall into sin a lot.

the sin of pride - stiff necked and too prideful to accept help. I keep telling everyone we are fine.

the sin of greed - I know we can't afford things right now. but I still want stuff. Mostly plane tickets. And the occasional meal out. But there is plenty in the pantry. I just have to learn to be more creative.

The sin of unbelief - as I try to take over planning how to get Martin a new job and how to make our finances stretch and how to cope....There is nothing wrong with putting in effort, but the fact is that I'm not doing anything to help the situation...I'm just worrying at it inside my brain all day. and worry is a sin. It indicates that I think I can somehow fix something better than God can. Hello? God or Deirdre, who do you think is the better, more experienced problem solver? Which one of us has the greater set of resources to draw from? Which one of us knows the whole plan and what will be for the greater good?

um...that would be NOT me, but God.

There's a great little mini sermon found on Travis Cottrell's most recent CD. The Live album that was recorded in Woodstock, GA back in January. Beth Moore talks about Praising God in difficult times.

I listen to that piece every time I get in the car nowadays. Just to jerk my brain back into the proper track.

God. Is. In. Charge.

God. Is. Good.

and I WILL praise His name. Whether I feel it right this instant or not.

Oh, incidentally, I'm not being morbid here, but when I die, please make note, I want everything from tracks 10 through 14 of that CD played at my funeral. The sermon by Beth, and then the songs that follow it. Go ahead and have the eulogies first and let Phillip Shoultz sing my favorite hymn "And Can it Be" but then, after that, just put in the CD and let it run. My funeral may start off as being about me, but it will end being all about GOD. There will (hopefully) be people at my service who may never have darkened a church door before, and I want them to walk away knowing beyond any doubt that my hope is in Christ Alone.


um....back to my regularly scheduled blog....

actually, you know what? I think that was a good place to stop.

In Christ Alone, my hope is found.

'nuff said.


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