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Monday, August 31, 2009

Simulcast 2009

What a weekend.
Friday night and Saturday morning I had a Beth Moore event to attend. What a blessing. She always rocks my world and gives me loads to think about. But this time felt different. Not sure how yet. Maybe had something to do with how she had us worship with ALL our longings (not just the ones you can tell out loud) out at the feet of Jesus. That part came near to breaking me wide open.
Maybe it was when she looked right at me. I know, it's a simulcast, she couldn't see me really, but God could and he had Beth's eyeballs pointed right at me when she asked if we needed to know that God really did love us personally. I stopped taking notes right there. I'm still near to crying just typing it out. I need to spend more time on that one. anybody got any good verses or insights on how to personally feel and know the love of God is really for you as an individual?

Saturday morning we had more Beth and Travis (thanks for the shout out to Snellville Travis. We screamed really loud when you did that. Could you hear us?)
Oh and we had a lovely breakfast....including a Beth Moore favorite: Moon Pies. Yes, moon pies for breakfast. See? I have photos to prove it:

After being blessed with teaching for a few more hours, I then went home and had a glorious birthday party for my beautiful adopted baby girl who turned one on August 29th.
I'll be posting photos of that event on my other blog soon.



Melissa said...

Just thought I would say hello. I saw your comment on the LPM blog, I was at a simulcast this weekend as well. Wasn't it awesome?! I also noticed we tend to visit some of the same blogs pretty regularly! I've seen your name a few times in blog land comments so I thought I'd stop by for a quick hello.
Hope you have a beautiful day!

Deirdre said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for dropping by. Yes the simulcast was awesome. I'm still recovering.....and eagerly looking forward to teh day when I can purchase the DVD from this weekend so I can go over that second session again.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Wow Dierdre,

That is great that the Lord worked so much through the Simulcast! I couldn't go this time, but I'm glad to hear about what Beth had to say:) Verse on God love that I keep coming back to are in Rom. 8:)

Blessings to you today:)